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Masters of Art

Masters of Art is a new art instructional video series dedicated to showcasing the entire artistic process of great artists.

This video tutorial series uncovers the secrets of artists working in a wide variety of mediums, from paints, to markers, watercolor, pencil/graphite, and more.

Featuring some of the best artists in the world, the Masters of Art series is fully narrated by the artists themselves and are completely comprehensive. Covering all aspects of an artists process from conception to completion, these meticulously detailed tutorials are loaded with specific how-to information and insights as well as tips, tricks and anecdotes from a lifetime of professional work.

Professionally shot on high-definition video (real-time filming was typically over 5-20 hours, then painstakingly edited to 2-4 hours each) this series offers fans and professionals alike a wealth of information from the Masters of Art!

All products listed below are available on DVD video only, NTSC video format, and are playable in any region of the world.

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Masters of Art: Markers with Jeff Preston

Jeff Preston (a veteran professional illustrator for over 26 years, and art teacher) utilizes his own unique colored marker technique in this complete tutorial of his process.

Masters of Art: Watercolors with Mark Sparacio

Mark Sparacio shows us his unique watercolor process on the cover to his creator-owned comic, Omega Paradox #1!