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Creator Chronicles: Joe Sinnott Signed and Numbered DVD

The term “legend” gets thrown around a lot in comics, but few truly personify it better than Joe Sinnott. Widely considered to be the best inker to have ever graced the comic medium, Joe is also a fine artist in his own right, having done a wide variety of art from comics, to illustration, newspaper strips, advertising, and realistic caricatures and biographies.

In this very special DVD, we talk to Joe and many of his colleagues and peers in the comics industry for this first Creator Chonicles Pioneers series documentary.

Included on this DVD is the documentary A Guy Named Joe, which showcases the life and career of Joe Sinnott. This 3 hour documentary covers all aspects of Joe's career and features an all-star cast of many of his peers and fellow artists including:

Bob Almond, Jim Amash, Terry Austin, Sal Buscema, Ron Frenz, Mike Grell, Joe Jusko, Elizabeth Amber Love, Andy Mangels, Jerry Ordway, George Pérez, John Romita, Sr., Jim Salicrup, Alex Saviuk, Richard A. Scott, Jim Starlin, Herb Trimpe, Bob Wiacek, and Stan Lee, with a special appearance by Jim Steranko!

As an added bonus to this DVD, Joe does 3 full art tutorial pieces. The first is a great pencil sketch of the Thing, the second is inking a Spider-Man sunday strip, and the third is simply amazing: Joe Sinnott inks a Jack Kirby original full-figure sketch from 1976!

Video: NTSC progressive, Widescreen 1.85 aspect ratio; enhanced for widescreen TV's
Region: No region coding, will work worldwide


  • Preview of upcoming Creator Chronicles DVD's
  • 3 Art Tutorials
  • Approx. running time: 250 minutes

    For more information and an inside look into the genesis and making of the Creator Chronicles DVD's, please read the Q&A FAQ here.

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