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The Creator Chronicles

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Creator Chronicles

For decades, the creators of the most successful and popular characters and stories in comics have toiled in virtual obscurity. While their creations have gone on to become world-famous, most of these creators are largely unknown, and outside of the occasional convention appearance, rarely seen. Many of their characters and stories have gone on to become the successful television cartoons and movies that we love today.

Amdale Media is at last pulling back the curtain and revealing these amazing creators in a series of documentaries about comic book creators. Featuring exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in comics, The Creator Chronicles profiles creators via in-depth, one-on-one video interviews, told by the creator in their own words.

Covering all aspects of their journey, from humble beginnings, to fascinating stories from inside the “biz”, to insight into their creative process, through their struggles and career achievements, Creator Chronicles provides a fresh approach compared to traditional interviews, presenting the creator in a unique and personal way.

In addition, many of the DVD’s feature great extras such as art tutorials, convention panel appearances, mini-documentaries, and more!

Produced in association with EvaInk Publishing, Creator Chronicles has already covered such comics legends as Michael Golden, George Pérez, Joe Jusko, Matt Wagner, Bill Sienkiewicz, Al Feldstein, Joe Sinnott, Herb Trimpe, and Dick Giordano!

All products listed below are available on DVD and Bluray video only, NTSC video format, and are playable in any region of the world.

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Creator Chronicles: The Interviews 2007-2014 Blu-ray

Now on Bluray! ALL of the previous interviews (with George Perez, Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Golden, Joe Sinnott, Matt Wagner, and Joe Jusko) remastered and re-edited for greatly improved picture quality, all on one Bluray disc, plus NEW interviews with Al Feldstein, Dick Giordano, and Herb Trimpe! Over 21 hours of content!

Creator Chronicles: The Tutorials 2007-2014 Blu-ray

Now on Bluray! ALL of the previous Creator Chronicles tutorials on one bluray disc, including the huge Joe Jusko painting tutorial, remastered and re-edited for greatly improved picture quality, plus a NEW tutorial with Herb Trimpe! Also includes TEN convention panels! Over 15 hours of content!

Creator Chronicles: Joe Sinnott (DVD, Signed and Numbered edition)

Documentary spans Joe's entire 60+ year career. Includes Joe drawing 3 complete art tutorials, including inking a Jack Kirby original sketch!

Creator Chronicles: Matt Wagner (DVD, Signed and Numbered edition)

Fantastic, deeply philosophical interview with a truly original creator. Includes Matt drawing 3 complete art tutorials!

Creator Chronicles: George Pérez Part 1 and Part 2 SET (DVD, Signed and Numbered edition)

2 Part massive 4+ hour interview with comics legend George Pérez!

Creator Chronicles: Bill Sienkiewicz (DVD, Signed and Numbered edition)

Exclusive in-depth interview with one of the most unique and eclectic artists ever!

Creator Chronicles: Joe Jusko

Huge interview and a fully narrated painting tutorial!

Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden

Massive 6 hour, 2 DVD set!

For more information and an inside look into the genesis and making of the Creator Chronicles DVD's, please read the Q&A FAQ here.