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Creator Chronicles: Matt Wagner Signed and Numbered DVD

With an interview that ranges from the Jungian archetypes of Grendel to the more personal, semi-biographical Mage, you know youíre in for a wild, revealing, and spirited ride with comics legend Matt Wagner!

The thinking manís comic book writer, Matt discusses everything from being the first independent creator to team his one of his own characters with Batman, to exploring deeper meaning in the human psyche, and the philosophical underpinnings of his most famous creations, Mage and Grendel.

In addition, Matt shows us his artistic craft by drawing and narrating 3 complete art tutorials!

Video: NTSC progressive, Widescreen 1.85 aspect ratio; enhanced for widescreen TV's
Region: No region coding, will work worldwide


  • Preview of upcoming Creator Chronicles DVD's
  • Art Tutorials
  • Approx. running time: 200 minutes

    Preview Trailer:

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