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Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden

For over 4 decades, he has brought his dynamic and innovative compositions to the world of comic books, setting new graphic standards for the form. Now, comics legend Michael Golden joins us for an amazing interview where we delve into the mind of one of most influential artists of all time.

In this extraordinary interview, Michael finally gives us what we've always wanted: a candid and refreshing look at the man behind the myth. Michael has only given one full-length, in-depth interview ever, and this is it!

Thanks to unprecedented access to Michael for these DVD's, we discuss at length such milestones in his career as The Micronauts, Bucky O'Hare, G.I Joe, the Marvel Fanfare Hulk story, his time as an editor at Marvel and DC, Dr. Strange #55, Avengers Annual #10 and the creation of Rogue, Spartan X and much more!

Loaded with bonus features and the most significant interview of his career, this 2 DVD set contains over 6 hours of material on Michael Golden!

Video: NTSC progressive, Widescreen 1.85 aspect ratio; enhanced for widescreen TV's
Region: No region coding, will work worldwide


  • 2 Q&A panels
  • "At The Drawing Board" - Michael takes us through a sketch from start to finish
  • The Michael Golden Gallery opening
  • Bonus interview: Steve Scott 
  • Preview of upcoming Creator Chronicles DVD's
  • Approx. running time: 300 minutes

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