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Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide
2015 Revised Second Edition

For more information about the previous 2011 edition of the Guide, please go here.

After 3 years, it's back! A big, new fully revised 2nd Edition of Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide, the first and only comprehensive price and information guide for comics fanzines and comic related publications!

As research continued on the Guide, it became apparent that there was a lot more to the Fanzine side of comic collectibles than was originally thought. A wide range of publications fall under this umbrella, including price guides and checklists, indexes, historical books, "Art of" type books that spotlight a particular artist, true fan-based publications (such as older ditto and mimeographed fanzines) published by non-professionals, some of whom would go on to become comic professionals, and the so-called "Prozines", which would include magazines like Comic Book Marketplace, FOOM, Amazing Heroes, and many others.

The new 2015 edition of the Guide contains extensive revisions and additions. The Guide includes a variety of information on fanzines and publications about comics including:

  • Notations of key issues and early content of non-comic artists and writers, such as Gene Simmons of Kiss, author George R. R. Martin, and others
  • Early, previously unknown pre-professional work by key artists such as Perez, Miller, Byrne, Starlin, Kaluta and many more
  • Other important and historical details, notes, and key information
  • Over 450 covers of all types of publications
  • The entire range of publications about comics is covered including fanzines/prozines, magazines, books, guides, indexes, encyclopedias, and histories
In addition, the Guide will contain feature articles including:
  • "Modern Fanzines" - An overivew of fanzines in the modern era
  • "The Top 50 Must-Have Fanzines" by Aaron Caplan
  • "BRUCE & BATMAN: Art Directing 'Zines About My Two Favorite Superheroes!" by Arlen Schumer
  • "My Brother: COMIC GOD!" by Sam Gafford about his brother Carl's time in fanzines


With some of these books being rare and highly sought after, there is a large and growing market for this material. Many of these fanzines have been largely undocumented, and some of them are virtually unknown. Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide brings this rare and valuable information to the casual and hardcore collector alike.

Here is what some folks are saying about the first edition of the Fanzine Guide

"Robin Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide approaches one of those difficult, chaotic subjects I've never before been able to really fully appreciate until I managed to glom a copy of his book. It is particularly beautifully put together - a delight to browse, and it includes material I never suspected even existed. No real comic book or art collector or comic's historian should be without this excellent niche reference book.

Patrick Block
Disney Writer/Artist

The ONLY Fanzine Collector's Must-Have Resource

"The amount of knowledge about the mysterious world of fanzines is one in which no substantial amount of knowledge has ever been available in one place. Information on many comic-related fanzines is often as hard to find as the 'zines themselves. Robin fixed that in this all-encompassing volume. In what is clearly a labor of love, this guide puts all of that esoteric knowledge between two covers and makes collecting far easier than it ever has been before. With information such as print runs (some as low as the single digits), rarity, title changes, artist & editor notes, valuations, and countless photos of rare issues, fanzine collecting has just been clarified, and pretty much everything you need to know is now at hand in one handy tome.

Even if you are not a collector this book will give you the itch to get on the hunt. If you ARE a collector, then this in invaluable in clarifying many questions you may have had before, and get you searching for titles you never knew existed. This is the first book that spurred me to leave a review, and that says a lot. Nab this book and you will will not regret it!"

Offbeat-Archives review
November 3, 2011

The Fanzine Guide is available in two editions, a Softcover and a special Color Hardcover that is FULL-COLOR throughout, and contains an extra gallery of Comic Book Marketplace covers. This Color Hardcover is limited to 50 copies, and will be Signed and Numbered.

In addition, a FREE PDF digital download of the 2011 first edition of the Fanzine Guide is included!

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