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Creator Chronicles: The Tutorials 2007-2014

For several years now, some of our Creator Chronicles DVDs have featured art tutorials. These have ranged from sketches to pen and ink, to mixed media, to a full-blown acrylic painting.

Now, ALL of the previous tutorials have been remastered and re-edited for greatly improved picture quality, all on one Bluray disc - plus a NEW tutorial from Herb Trimpe!

  • NEW Herb Trimpe Spider-Man Tutorial - Herb shows us his whole process and tips and tricks of the trade from lightboxing, to using a xerox to change the scale, to layout, pencil and ink on a Spider-Man strip!

  • The Remastered tutorials include:

  • Joe Jusko Sheena Tutorial - This massive 2 /12 hour in-depth tutorial has Joe going through his entire process in Acrylics, from conception and initial sketch to final, finished painting. Originally recorded over 5 days, this fascinating look into Joe’s creative process features 2 audio tracks and a wealth of information including how to handle skin tones, realistic lighting, making “organic” details such as hair look right, as well as numerous tips and techniques on everything from how to make textures, to close-up detail work, to using shadows to heighten realism.
  • Joe Sinnott - 3 Tutorials - The first is a great pencil sketch of the Thing, the second is inking a Spider-Man sunday strip, and the third is simply amazing: Joe Sinnott inks a Jack Kirby original full-figure sketch from 1976!
  • Matt Wagner - 3 Tutorials - Matt shows us his process in 3 different mediums: inking a Zorro cover, a Grendel comission with paint and colored pencils, and Grendel in Space, a full-figure Grendel piece set against a space backdrop done in pen, brush and colored markers.
  • Michael Golden Doctor Strange sketch - Mike shows us his artistic process with a Doctor Strange pencil sketch.

  • Plus there are TEN Convention panels from various conventions around the country during 2007-2010:

  • Michael Golden
  • Micahel Golden and Maggie Thompson
  • Michael Golden, Jason Pearson, John Dell, Craig Hamilton
  • Michael Golden and Peter Sanderson
  • Inkwell Awards Panel with Bob Almond, Joe Sinnott, Wayne Faucher, Tom Schloendorn, Dexter Vines, Ernie Chan, Rudy Nebres, Jack Purcell
  • Jerry Robinson with Roy Thomas and Jim Amash
  • Dan Fogel with Bob Sodaro
  • Joe Jusko, Jeff Preston, Mark Texiera and Brian Stelfreeze
  • Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Joe Sinnott and Flo Steinberg
  • Stan Lee, Jerry Robinson, Murphy Anderson, Joe Simon, Irwin Hasen, Joe Sinnott, John Romita, Sr. and Ramona Fradon

  • Video: NTSC 1280x720p, Widescreen TV's
    Region: No region coding, will work worldwide

    Approx. running time: 900 minutes

    For more information and an inside look into the genesis and making of the Creator Chronicles DVD's, please read the Q&A FAQ here.

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